untitled, animated gif, 2016

rebuilding khoramshahr mosque, animated gif, 2016

My series of animated gifs explore the themes of reconstruction, rebuilding, and regrowth after the devastating effects of war. One gif is based on a photograph of a burned-down palm tree land, where I use a green marker to draw the heads of palm trees until the land is green again. The other gif features the interior of the Khorramshahr mosque, partially destroyed by the invasion of Iraqi forces, where I rebuild the mosque through animation.

Through my work, I aim to bring attention to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of destruction and trauma. My animated gifs serve as a testament to the transformative potential of art and its ability to bring hope and healing in the wake of tragedy. By using animation to reconstruct and regrow what was lost, I hope to inspire viewers to reflect on their own capacity for resilience and regeneration. My work encourages viewers to consider the ways in which they can contribute to rebuilding their own communities, both physically and emotionally, in the aftermath of war and conflict.

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